Bookstore sales reported leaping up to $729 million from $663 million a year ago, an increase of 9.9%, according to the U.S. Census Bureau!


Here are the details:

New Shelves has a relationship with over 1000 bookstores in the US and Canada who have asked to see books that New Shelves recommends in email presentations.

Currently, they are putting together a list of titles to present to those buyers. This mailing will promote and pitch books to bookstores because they are now making decisions about bringing in new Books for the Spring and Summer seasons.

New Shelves will give them the links to order the books from Ingram Wholesaler or their other favorite wholesalers in plenty of time for Father's Day, Graduation, or Summer Reading Promotions.

"I Just checked my account and the sales are rolling in."

- Mari L. McCarthy, Int'l Awards-Winning Best-Selling Author of Journaling Power

Now is the Time to Get Your Book Presented to Over 1000 Bookstores


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New Shelves will design and layout the email listing and send your book info to the entire bookstore list. In addition, they will FOLLOW UP WITH the bookstores over an entire 6 week period AND send you a report showing you how many bookstores opened and read your pitch.

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If you sign up now, you will get:

-A full-color listing designed and laid out showcasing your book.

-An email in March sent to over 1000 Stores who have ASKED to hear about your books.

-Our sales reps will contact the buyers within a few days to follow up on the mailing. They will follow up several times in the month of April and May.

-You will get a report showing the number of stores who opened the email and how many clicked on your order button.

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“You guys are great. I made the right decision with this program.”

-A. William Benitez, Positive Imaging, LLC, Independent Publishing House