Canadian Librarian Sales Presentation Mailing

We have been doing US Library mailings for a while now and they have gotten a LOT of authors a LOT of sales. 

Oh wow! I actually had no idea how much I've made from the print books so far and I just realized I've made over $1,100 since last month! Thank you!! 

-Emma Ashley, Author and Library Mailing Client 

Canadian Library Book Sales Presentation Mailing

 So we decided to turn our attention to Canada. Canadian Libraries are gearing up for next season's purchases and we are going to be presenting them with books for them to order.

Now is the time to get YOUR book in front of them! 

The key to selling to Canadian libraries is distribution and availability. If your books are printed and distributed by IngramSpark, Lightning Source, or CreateSpace, then your book might be a great fit for this promotion. 

We will design and layout the email listing and send your book info to the entire library list. In addition, we will FOLLOW UP WITH them AND send you a report showing you how many Libraries opened and read the email. Our last email to this list had a 15% open rate on the first presentation, but after we sent the third mailing, the open rate had increased to almost 50%! 

Sign up now and let us get you in front of Canadian Librarians!

If you sign up now, you will get 

  • A full-color listing designed and laid out showcasing your book
  • An email sent to over 3000 Canadian Libraries who have ASKED to hear about our book suggestions
  • Our sales reps will contact the Librarians 2 more times to make sure that your book gets it's BEST chances.
  • A report showing the number of people who opened the email and how many clicked on the links to the wholesalers you supply us.

“Thanks, Keri and Amy! I love these mailings, and I definitely see an uptick in wholesale sales when I do these with you guys. Thanks so much, and I just wanted to say how much I appreciate all of your help since Eat Happy came out!”

- Anna Vocino, Author and Repeat Library Mailing Client


 Sign up now and let us get you into some libraries!

Canadian Library Book Sales Presentation Mailing