Librarian and Library Spring 2018 Presentation Mailing


Dear Friend,

A LOT of Libraries are just now getting their budget allotments and they have money to spend on new books! Library budgets and foot traffic is going up every year and we have their contact information.

Now is the time to get YOUR book in front of them!

New Shelves has a relationship with over 4000 Libraries in the US who have asked to see books that New Shelves recommends in email presentations. We here at New Shelves are putting together a list of titles to present to those buyers. This mailing will promote and pitch books to Libraries in March and April because that is when a lot of them get their next quarter's funding. We will give them the links to order the books from Ingram Wholesaler or their other favorite wholesalers.

We will design and layout the email listing and send your book info to the entire library list. In addition, we will FOLLOW UP WITH them AND send you a report showing you how many Libraries opened and read your pitch.

Sign up now and let us get you into Public Libraries

If you sign up now, you will get

A full-color listing designed and laid out showcasing your book

An email sent to over 4000 Libraries who have ASKED to hear about our book suggestions

Our sales reps will contact the Librarians within a few days to follow up on the mailing

A report showing the number of people who opened the email and how many clicked on your order button

So go ahead and Click the BUY NOW button below because we only have 25 spots open!


For anyone considering joining Amy’s marketing systems, I only have one thing to say: DO IT! Actually, I have more to say! Amy is awesome. She is a “hands-on” teacher who personally called me on the phone and helped get me started with lots of great ideas. That is almost unheard of with trainers! I am so impressed with Amy’s knowledge and her friendly attitude. Your money will be well spent if you join her programs. Just DO IT! THANKS, AMY for all of your help!!

-Barb Daniels, Author of Timmy Teacup